ISI investigators have the expertise for a wide variety of cases in all states.

  • Fully equipped surveillance vehicles
  • Hidden cameras, capable of filming evidence almost anywhere
  • Real-time transmission of subject photos to ensure we are watching the right person
  • Surveillance is an expense on the client’s file. That is why we work quickly and efficiently to provide solid evidence that clearly shows the subjects activities and physical capabilities.
  • National network of approved vendors
  • Vendor guidelines developed to ensure product quality

We Only Hire Experienced Investigators

When an investigator is first starting out in surveillance, there’s a lot to learn: where to park, how to follow a subject and how to get people to tell you who is doing what and where. Over time, investigators learn from their mistakes. However, our clients don’t have time for mistakes. That’s why we only hire experienced investigators to get efficient results. Additionally, our team can all effectively testify in court to the evidence they collect.

Asking the right questions at the right time.

Our investigators have worked in law enforcement and claims. They understand what facts are needed.